Workshop Organizers

Prof. Laura Dietz, is an Assistant Professor at University of New Hampshire where she teaches Information Retrieval and text-centric Machine Learning. She graduated from the Max Planck Institute for Informatics and was a research scientist at the Data and Web Science group at Mannheim University and the CIIR at University of Massachusetts. Her research focuses on information retrieval for knowledge-centric information needs. She is also the lead coordinator of TREC CAR.

Chenyan Xiong is a fifth-year Ph.D. student at the Language Technologies Institute (LTI), Carnegie Mellon University, working with Professor Jamie Callan. His research interests center around information retrieval, with the main focus on using knowledge graphs and other semantic resources to improve text understanding in search engines. He has published multiple papers in this area and frequently serves as a PC member in SIGIR and ACL.

Edgar Meij is a senior scientist at Bloomberg L.P. Before this, he was a research scientist at Yahoo Labs and a postdoc at the University of Amsterdam, where he also obtained his Ph.D. He has published 60+ peer-reviewed papers at top international venues such as SIGIR, WSDM, ISWC, and CIKM on all applications and aspects of knowledge graphs, entity linking, and semantic search.

Program Committee